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How to do it

Knowing Headspin

Headspin is one of the Breakin skill. Headspin consists of four steps brifly.

1. Stand with your head

You stand with there head and hand. This move are called Head-stand.

2. Twist your body

Twist the head, body and hips at the same time.

3. Put your hands to front

Take your hands off the ground and move your hands to the front.

4. Repeat it

The dancer must rotate his or her body with the hands on the floor and make a well-timed movement. The body can continue to rotate without falling over.

Purpose of contents

What is the Headspin Experience ?

Machine overview

For many people, it may be difficult to understand the headspin it just by theory.
The Headspin Experience will help the participant understand what is difficult about headspin and which muscles need to be moved.


In the experience, participants can experience two of the factors that make headspin difficult.

Weight of the body

In headspin, you need to support your whole body weight with your head.
In the Headspin-Experience, a load of 4~8kg is applied to the head instead of the full body weight.

Turning the legs parallel

Turning your feet parallel to the ground is one of the keys to a successful head spin.
In the Headspin-Experience allows you to practice spinning your feet parallel to the ground.

Headspin Experience

Contents of experience

There are 4 steps.